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Image of blue lego. Position yourself for success with a professional career life coach.

Position yourself for success based on your own unique talents, strengths and gifts.


Most people will go through phases where their career is going great, and other times when their career is in the doldrums.

When things aren’t going well it can feel frustrating going through the motions, or simply existing from day to day. 

Not finding satisfaction in your work can lead to a crisis of confidence, leaving you feeling confused and anxious about next steps.

If you find yourself unhappy at work then you’re not alone. When polling company Gallup studied millions of people across 142 countries they found that only 13% said they were engaged, enthusiastic and committed to their work. Worse still, the other 87% said they were not engaged or actively dis-engaged!

So how can you best position yourself to be in the 13% who are positively engaged with work?


I provide career life coaching support for clients who: 

  • Want to take stock of their career

  • Are actively seeking promotion

  • Are unhappy at work

  • Are looking for a strengths based approach to career development

  • Want to understand what motivates and de-motivates them

  • Are looking to align career with interest and passion

  • Want to make informed career choices

  • Want to define the working environment that’s right for them

  • Want to create a career plan by setting future goals and strategies

  • Are considering a career change

  • Are thinking about becoming self-employed

I specialise in helping clients create change in these areas of their life:

Person using smart phone to book a free consultation with a professional career life coach.


Find out more about working with a career life coach.


We can make time to talk confidentially about the kind of support you need.

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