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Authentic Leadership 

Executive leadership development coaching that gets to the heart of who you are as a person and leader.

Create Greater Success for Yourself and Your Team.

Authentic Leadership executive coaching is highly effective because it combines professional development with personal growth.

Authentic Leadership builds the four core competencies of effective leadership:

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-management

  • Social awareness

  • Relationship management 


A key indicator of business success is your own self-awareness and capacity to change, so the starting point is to know yourself better, the value you bring and your motivation for doing what you do. Higher self-awareness shows you how your thoughts, feelings and actions interact to create your authentic leadership style and business culture.


Next comes managing the people in your team; the collective effort that makes up an effective and diverse driving force behind the growth of your business. 

Making a serious commitment to leadership development will leave you better equipped to create true team diversity with the same three principles in mind: individual, impact and motivation.

We offer deep accelerated leadership development, team building, communication, collaboration and effectiveness solutions, which result in a better bottom line.

“Everyone needs a coach”

~ Bill Gates


As an executive, you are required to perform every day. Through an intensive executive coaching programme we focus on developing the three centres of intelligence required for executive business success:


Head Intelligence

The IQ of leadership.

What you know about your strengths and your blindspots combined with insight about your colleagues or team members. Your specialist expertise in your area of business.


Heart Intelligence

The EQ of leadership.

How real and trusted you appear to others. The ability to authentically relate, connect and care for the people in your business.


Body Intelligence

The Somatic Quotient (SQ) of leadership.

The ability to be grounded, present and open to the fullness of your experience in the moment. Free access to your intuition and gut knowing.



Professional business leadership development that combines executive coaching and personal growth so you can better understand yourself, how others see you, and how you can get the best from your teams.

  • Monthly Coaching Session

  • Leadership Consulting

  • Self-awareness Training

  • Psychometric Assessment

  • 42-page professional Enneagram report

  • Strengths Evaluation

  • 360 Review

  • Strategy, Plan and Execute

  • Independent and impartial sounding board

  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support



By knowing yourself you understand your strengths and how to utilise them to empower your team. You also know how each team member can empower your business and their individual motivations. Together you drive the growth of the business.

  • Team coaching, training and workshops

  • Psychometric assessment

  • 42-page professional Enneagram report

  • Learn about the team's leadership styles

  • Understand motivation, world view and focus of attention

  • Explore inter-personal communication styles and common issues in relationships

  • Access complementary leadership behaviours

  • Practical pathways to personal growth and leadership development

Benefits of Authentic Leadership:
  • Improve performance through increased self-awareness and authenticity

  • Flourish and grow through self-discovery

  • Focus on personal growth and business performance

  • Understand yourself and influence others to get optimum results

  • Clarity and confidence on decisions and direction

  • Select, develop and nurture the right talent

  • Build effective and balanced teams

  • Expand self-awareness to improve business, career, relationships and life

  • Realise your full potential (even if you're already successful)

"I walked away from each session feeling inspired for action, empowered and energised. I feel much more in charge of my role and the MD said he had noticed tremendous improvement in the performance of the team in a short period of time."   

Kalina Janevska
Director of Research and Insights, Engine

Client headshot with testimonial about business leadership coaching.jpeg

"The day was thoughtful and productive, eliciting deep insights from each of us on how we can be happier and more effective both in work and life. The presenters were superb – caring and professional. I recommend them enthusiastically!”


Dr Dina Dommett (Dean of Faculty, Hult Ashridge Executive Education)

Headshot of Dina Dommett. Testimonial on business leadership coaching.

“It was fascinating that although we are aligned to only one leadership type, we can be influenced by, and call upon other types, as well as just how accurate everyone in the group felt the Enneagram was. An insightful day, full of great exercises and delivered with passion and enthusiasm!”

Authentic Leadership Workshop Participant

Person using smart phone to book a free consultation with a certified professional coach to talk confidentially about business leadership coaching.

Let's talk about how business leadership coaching can support you and your team.


We can make time to talk confidentially about the best support you need.

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