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Rainbow over mountains. Authentic Gay Leadership coaching to turn your LGBT identity into leadership strength.

Authentic Gay Leadership

Turn your LGBT experience into personal leadership strength.


Are you a gay / LGBT leader who enjoys success, and who is looking for specialist support on how to enhance your leadership capability and performance?

There's good reason for you to be successful because research shows that gay executives excel in leadership. (If you want to know more read The G Quotient by Kirk Snyder who shows that the experience of being gay leads to advanced skills in adaptability, intuitive communication and creative problem solving.)


The Authentic Gay Leadership programme addresses the unique challenges and opportunities LGBT executives experience in business. The programme is provided in a safe and confidential environment by a successful gay leadership coach who is an expert in helping gay men leverage their unique leadership style with ease and confidence.

  • You want to increase your impact as an LGBT leader

  • You're ready to leverage the power of diversity and inclusion in your business

  • You understand the benefit of removing common forms of self-censorship such as covering, filtering or omission.

  • You're ready to invest in guided personal work with a trusted specialist in self-awareness who is also gay

  • You want to develop greater emotional intelligence to enhance your interpersonal communication skills

  • You want to acquire skills, tool and techniques to make you more effective

Authentic Gay Leadership

A bespoke business leadership coaching programme for LGBT executives that gets to the heart of who you are as an LGBT person and leader, so you can lead with authenticity and confidence.

6 month Business Leadership Coaching Programme

You recognise the benefit of working with an LGBT professional who will inspire and challenge you along the way. 

You realise that releasing subconscious barriers to Authentic Gay Leadership will benefit yourself, your team and your business.

You're looking to build a professional relationship with an experienced coach and trusted advisor who is independent of your business.

  • Monthly Coaching Session

  • Leadership Consulting

  • Self-awareness Training

  • Psychometric Assessment

  • Strengths Evaluation

  • 360 Review

  • Strategy, Plan and Execute

  • Honest Feedback from an Impartial Observer

  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support

"I wanted to work with Robert because he appreciated and understood the interconnectedness of the barriers I was putting up. Robert’s style is direct  - which for me was very refreshing - and he posed questions which really challenged my thinking." 

John A
Managing Director

Avatar with a client testimonial of authentic gay leadership coaching with a leading LGBT coach.
Person using smart phone to book a free consultation with an LGBT coach to talk about Authentic Gay Leadership coaching.

Let's talk about the change you want to create.


We can make time to talk confidentially about the best support you need.

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