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Rainbow over mountains. Authentic Gay executive Leadership coaching turns your LGBT identity into leadership strength.

Authentic Gay Leadership Coaching

Executive and personal coaching tailored for gay men in leadership.


Are you a gay man in a leadership position who already enjoys a level of success, and you're looking for specialist support on how to lead with more authenticity and confidence?


Authentic Gay Leadership coaching is here to help you.


This executive and personal coaching service is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of gay men in senior leadership or those who own businesses. Whether you're an executive or a business owner, I'll provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed and thrive.

Hello, I'm Robert Hutchinson, the guiding force behind 'The Authentic Life Company’. I understand how being a gay leader brings its unique challenges and opportunities. In fact, research shows that gay men in leadership often excel in key leadership skills such as creativity, communication, intuition and collaboration.

With me as your executive coach and guide, you’ll learn to leverage the unique strengths and capabilities that lie at the heart of your Authentic Gay Leadership style.

Robert Hutchinson headshot: Authentic gay executive coaching development for LGBT+ leaders in London and online.
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The Power to Transform is Within You

Google Five Stars for professional life coaching in London.

Let's talk about the changes you want to make.

Authentic Gay Leadership Coaching

This is bespoke executive coaching that gets to the heart of who you are as a gay man and leader. Authentic Gay Leadership tackles the specific hurdles and advantages encountered by gay executives like you, enabling you to lead with confidence and live a contented life.

Authentic Gay Leadership is integrated personal and professional coaching.

Executive Leadership Coaching:
helps you lead with confidence, conviction and authenticity.


Personal Coaching:
harnesses powerful insights from the Enneagram system of personality and leadership styles to create healthy work/life integration. 

Authentic Gay Leadership is for you if:

  • You're looking to work with an LGBT+ executive coach who will inspire and challenge you.

  • You understand that removing common forms of self-censorship such as covering, ommission or masking will benefit yourself, your team and your business.

  • You want to build a professional relationship with a trusted guide who is independent of your business.

  • You're ready to invest in guided personal and professional development with a specialist in authentic leadership who is gay.

What's included in Authentic Gay Leadership Coaching?

  • Regular coaching sessions online or in person.

  • Enneagram-based self-awareness training.

  • Psychometric and strengths assessments.

  • Curated learning materials to aid your growth.

  • Honest feedback from an impartial observer.

  • Private client account records your journey.

  • Unlimited email and phone support.

How you'll benefit.

  • Amplify your impact as a gay man in leadership.

  • Harness the power inherent in your own diverse perspectives.

  • Acquire the skills, tools, and techniques to set you apart.

  • Enhance your own self-knowledge and self-mastery.

  • Deepen your emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication.

My Clients Say...

In a world rife with generic coaching, Robert's Authentic Gay Leadership programme stood out. The synergy of his Enneagram expertise with an innate understanding of the gay leadership landscape has been pivotal for my growth. He challenged my perspectives and instilled in me a renewed sense of purpose and self-awareness. Every session left me with profound insights not only about my professional journey but also my personal trajectory. My partnership with Robert has been an investment in excellence.

James C, Founder

Avatar graphic: client testimonial of authentic gay executive leadership coaching with a leading LGBT+ coach.

I wanted to work with Robert because he appreciated and understood the interconnectedness of the barriers I was putting up around my identity as a gay man. Robert’s style is direct  - which for me was very refreshing - and he posed questions which really challenged my thinking.

John A, Managing Director

Avatar graphic: client testimonial of authentic gay executive leadership coaching with a leading LGBT+ coach.

Engaging with Robert was transformative. Drawing from a wide variety of sources, he helped me unlock an authentic leadership style that was lying dormant. As a gay leader, the challenges I face sometimes feel intangible, but Robert's approach — grounded, direct, and refreshingly unorthodox — has equipped me with the tools to navigate them with grace and assertiveness. I've not only improved my leadership capabilities but also discovered deeper dimensions of myself. Highly recommended for any LGBT+ executive looking to elevate their game.

Alexander L, Chief Marketing Officer

Avatar graphic: client testimonial of authentic gay executive leadership coaching with a leading LGBT+ coach.

Let's Talk About Authentic Gay Leadership Coaching

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