Image of rainbow over water. Authentic Gay Life coaching with a gay life coach.

Authentic Gay Life

Wouldn't it be a bonus to improve your life with a gay life coach?

Love Yourself and Love Being Gay

Being born gay is a gift, but like many gay men you may sometimes struggle to celebrate who you really are - your authentic gay self.

You may feel disconnected, or you may be spending a lot of time and money chasing the 'gay dream' ... but it's not fun anymore, you realise it's not sustainable in the long-term, and it's not getting you anywhere.

The truth is that it's by understanding how the combination of your personality, your life experiences and your gay identity forms the magic of who you are that you'll find the shift you're looking for.


Learning to celebrate all of who you are is the master key to creating a successful and happy gay life in which you can really thrive.

Working with a Gay Life Coach

I've experienced the highs and the lows of gay life and identity so I understand the challenges you face in your personal and professional life. I've also spent many years coaching gay men, I care deeply about the future of the gay community, and in 2017 I co-founded the Gay Happiness Project, an 8-week mental wellbeing programme for gay men.

Sharing a common language and experience with your gay life coach makes the process more effective for gay clients who often say that they feel more comfortable discussing personal issues with another gay man.

Now, as one of the world's leading gay life coaches, I share my personal and professional experience with gay clients around the globe.

(I have a wealth of experience working with gay men, and I would of course be delighted to work with anyone in the wider LGBT+ community.)

Authentic Gay Life Coaching


Authentic Gay Life coaching is for gay men who want to:


  • Live an Authentic Gay Life that enables them to thrive

  • Strengthen their identity as a gay man

  • Forge their own life path

  • Build self-esteem

  • Challenge and change recurring unhelpful patterns of behaviour

  • Understand the separation between identity (authentic gay self), sexuality, and sex life, and how to get all three to operate in harmony together

  • Better understand how to overcome the issues gay men often face (from society or self-imposed)

"I was looking for a gay life coach who would have an affinity with me as a gay man. Be prepared to be challenged and think broadly, Robert helped me look at all aspects of my life and I am ‘richer’ as a result.

Richard W
VP Global Operations


We can talk confidentially about Authentic Gay Life coaching and the changes you want to create.

In person in London or online using Zoom.