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Love Your
Authentic Gay Life

Discover the Power of Authentic Gay Life Coaching

Authentic Gay Life is a dedicated coaching service for gay men seeking to embrace their authentic self, navigate life's challenges, and achieve transformational growth. 

Being born gay is a precious gift, but this may not have been a message you heard when you were growing up. Like many gay men you may sometimes struggle to celebrate who you really are - your authentic gay self. 

A lifetime of ‘efforting’ to conceal certain aspects of your true nature can lead gay men into ingrained habits of masking, covering or self-censoring. These are all ways of withholding aspects of yourself or your lived experiences.

Have you ever felt your pulse quicken for no reason when someone asks you a seemingly innocuous question? This can happen even if you’re already out and proud - old habits die hard, right?


And here's the liberating truth: the magic of who you are lies in blending your unique personality, your life experiences, and gay your identity.

Join me on a transformative journey of self-discovery, learning to celebrate every facet of who you are. This is the master key to creating a successful and happy gay life in which you can truly thrive.

Headshot of authentic gay life coach Robert Hutchinson offering personal coaching for LGBT leaders in London Bridge and online.

Hello, I'm Robert Hutchinson, the guiding light behind ‘Authentic Gay Life’. As far as gay life goes I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt! So I understand.


LGBT+ clients often say that sharing a common perspective makes the coaching process straightforward; they feel more comfortable discussing personal issues with another gay man.

With me as your coach and guide, you’ll discover so much more about what your true self really wants from your Authentic Gay Life.

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Authentic Gay Life Coaching

This is tailored life coaching that delves into your unique experience as a gay man navigating life's complexities. Authentic Gay Life addresses your strengths and the particular challenges you face, empowering you to live with greater confidence and contentment.


Authentic Gay Life is a holistic blend of transformational coaching and personal development.


Life Coaching:
guides you towards creating a life that works on your own terms, building fulfilment in your personal and professional spheres.


Personal Development:
utilises the transformative power of the Enneagram personality map to reach higher integration of mind, body and heart, leading to greater congruence and self-assurance.

Authentic Gay Life is for you if:

  • You want to forge your own unique life path as a gay man

  • You aim to strengthen and build your self-esteem

  • You seek to harmonise your identity as a gay person

  • You wish to gain insight into overcoming challenges commonly faced by gay men, whether societal or self-inflicted

  • You're looking to invest in your future to create a happier, more fulfilling gay life

What's included in Authentic Gay Life Coaching?

  • Regular coaching sessions online or in person.

  • Enneagram-based self-awareness training.

  • Psychometric and strengths assessments.

  • Curated learning materials to aid your growth.

  • Honest feedback from an impartial observer.

  • Private client account records your journey.

  • Unlimited email and phone support.

How you'll benefit.

  • Refine your self-awareness and elevate your mastery over your life.

  • Create life changes with assured confidence.

  • Make clear-cut decisions grounded in insightful understanding.

  • Speak your truth in a manner that resonates with you and others.

  • Step out of your comfort zone to acquire new competencies and cultivate a healthier outlook on life.

My Clients Say...

I was looking for a gay life coach who would have an affinity with me as a gay man. Be prepared to be challenged and think broadly, Robert helped me look at all aspects of my life and I am ‘richer’ as a result.

Richard W
VP Global Operations

Avatar icon: a client testimonial of gay life coaching with a professional gay personal development coach.

Before Authentic Gay Life Coaching, I felt stuck and disconnected. Working with Robert transformed how I see myself and make decisions. For the first time, I feel aligned with my own values and empowered in my own life. I can't recommend Authentic Gay Life Coaching enough for any gay man seeking more clarity and courage and authenticity.

John M
Business Owner

Avatar icon: a client testimonial of gay life coaching with a professional gay personal development coach.

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