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Improve all of your relationships through effective communication.


The way you communicate - what you say and how you say it - can determine how effectively your message is received, and this can have a huge impact on all of your relationships.


The ability to communicate effectively is a key skill in life or business which takes the form of listening behaviours, verbal, non-verbal and written communication. You owe it to yourself to communicate clearly in a way that positively impacts your partner, your relations, your close friends and your colleagues.


The first step to improving your communication skills is to become more aware of your own communication style, and how that is received by others. 


Working with the Enneagram is a highly effective way of understanding not only your own communication style but the individual style and language of other personality types. 

Another important step is to identify your unique triggers which can lead to conflict or misunderstanding with the people around you. Of course what triggers you, may not even show up on the radar of the other person.


I can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of your personal communication style, and help you explore how to flex your language so you can improve communication in your key relationships making  them richer and more rewarding.

I specialise in helping clients create change in these areas of their life:

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