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"Before the coaching, I found myself dependent on external validation and approval. I've disenfranchised myself from 'saving' people ... creating distance between me and other peoples' 'stuff' has been absolutely life altering. My confidence has come on leaps and bounds, and as a result I've landed a new senior leadership position. Robert is very much a thought partner, encouraging me, challenging me and shining a light on my key strengths which I've enjoyed tremendously. Thank you so much, I've really appreciated this experience!" 

Scott Rutter
Head of New Business Operations, Talking Talent

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"The process was enlightening and the outcome has been life-changing. Robert has opened my eyes to a completely new approach that builds on my achievements to date and is hugely exciting."

Andrew McAlister
Asset Manager

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"With a combination of insight, patience and humour, Robert guided me through the coaching process. My business had gone into liquidation which left me with some difficult decisions to make and a new path to walk. Through the work on Enneagram and core values, Robert helped me lay a foundation for future choices and guided me through balancing different aspects of my life experience. A challenging and thoroughly rewarding process. Anyone looking to gain a deeper insight into their internal and external life as well as their decision making processes would do well to work with Robert. Thank you Robert!"

Justin Gilbert

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"I decided to invest in life coaching because I didn't know what I wanted my next steps in life to be. The work Robert and I did over the first few coaching sessions gave me a real insight into myself. Through the different methods that Robert uses, I got a clear picture of my personality, how I view myself and how others view me. This was the solid foundation I needed for us to then look at what I wanted from life."

Meg Stevens

Successful professional life coach in London.

"Robert's coaching style is friendly, structured and informative. What I've learnt has impacted my life in a big way, and has been instrumental in developing my new business. I whole-heartedly recommend Robert to anyone who needs a holistic approach to achieving their goals."

John Ashton,

Managing Director, Ashton Architecture

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"I found Robert to be hugely knowledgeable which gave me the peace of mind that I was working with a professional. I thoroughly enjoyed and I am hugely grateful for my business coaching experience with Robert."

Howard Harrison

CEO, Water Babies

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"I approached Robert to help me look at how I could be more fulfilled in my professional life, and the experience was so much more than that. At times it was challenging and uncomfortable, but I'm incredibly grateful that Robert pushed me to think more broadly. The result is that I am now embarking on an exciting career change with self-awareness, and a different view of what I want my life to look like."

Richard W
VP, Global Marketing Operations


"Robert has been very supportive over the years. I've found him to be a very authentic and reflective person, in fact it's his authenticity which has helped and encouraged me to find my own. Thank you Robert!"

Bert Overlack

Business Owner & Author

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"I can't recommend Robert highly enough. I looked forward to every session and the follow up has been great. Robert is always approachable with questions or concerns, even outside of our sessions. I feel much more confident in myself and my future career - I have seen a noticeable change in myself since having the coaching."

Lottie McNamara

Director On-air Strategy, Discovery Networks Norway

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You Have the Power to Transform Your Future
Google Five Stars for professional life coaching in London.

Create the changes you need to make

"Robert was incredibly professional and helpful on my journey of self-discovery. It was important for me that he previously had a career in the 'real world' and that he had benefited from coaching himself. Through Robert’s coaching I now understand myself even deeper, I’m happier and I have more clarity on what I do and don't want in my life.”

Anna Meylakh
Founder, Route6

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Robert's outstanding coaching has transformed my life. Specifically, I have learned to slow down to create space and I have developed greater self-compassion which has enabled me to truly listen to my autistic son, to empathise with him and simply to enjoy being with him. Robert's coaching is incisive and inspiring.”

Joel Cooper

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“Robert not only helped me develop a much deeper understanding of myself and gain much more mental clarity, but propelled me to dare to achieve things that I did not think were possible. The work changed my life and allowed me to really feel comfortable in my own skin.

Laura Thompson

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"Robert is an insightful and instinctive coach. He has been amazing at uncovering my blindspots, getting to the truth of who I really am, and what I really want from life. He lives and breathes who he really is, in line with his core values and has encouraged me to do the same."

David Liversage
Small Business Owner

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"Life coaching was an important investment in myself. When I first started I had lost all sense of confidence in what I could do and I felt like a failure. Coaching opened my eyes to my true successes and ambitions, and I feel I have a well-defined and exciting path ahead of me."

Business Owner

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"I just came to think about the work we did together. Still today a year later it has a great effect on me. I want to let you know how much it improved my quality of life."

Armando Wallentin

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"Robert helped me move forward after a difficult time in my life. But it was more than that - he help me bring positivity to my life and plan some necessary career changes. I had never tried coaching and didn’t know what to expect. Robert clearly tailors his approach to the client’s way of thinking, making it really efficient. He has a great personality and it is a pleasure to work with him."

Pierre B 

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You Have the Power to Transform Your Future
Google Five Stars for professional life coaching in London.

Create the changes you need to make

"You'll be glad to hear I have signed with a very good acting agent. It was this time last year when I started working with you Robert and looking back now the impact that decision has made is unbelievable."

Brad J

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"Thanks to working with Robert, I now have a better grasp of my personality - how I operate and how I relate to other people. This has enabled me to improve my effectiveness in the workplace, and to reduce confrontation in my personal life. I would recommend Robert's thoughtful, thorough help to anyone looking to understand themselves better and reach goals."

Martin R


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“Robert helped me focus, regroup and learn about who I really am. He has changed my life for the better and has introduced me to an incredibly positive outlook on life while also helping me to understand that vulnerability is a strength not a weakness. I live a better life having coaching and mindfulness in my life.” 

Rosalind H

Director of Finance

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"Robert has helped me think big and be ambitious! He's helped e turn a difficult past into a powerful future. I would highly recommend him."

Petra V


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"What I like about working with Robert is his positive attitude and deep understanding of people's character. his coaching has helped me develop a completely different attitude to work, and defining my own terms for work and life in general."

Eva O

Operations Director

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"Robert, I was very impressed with your adaptability yesterday. Your flexibility, ability to listen and react to sudden changes in what's going on with my life shows that you don't try to fit all of your clients into the same trajectory or outline. That means a lot. Thanks."

Connie W


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"Robert has a warmth and empathy which exudes his coaching style. His calm and caring approach enabled me to open up my thought processes and to challenge some of my limiting beliefs about the future in a positive and ultimately successful way."

Lynne Chambers

Head of People Development and Talent

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"I was encouraged to try coaching by two successful and driven friends who were strong advocates. Through Robert's coaching I came to realise what success really means for me and I've made big steps and changes I would not have even started to think about without Robert's help."

Peter Pazdro
Personal Trainer

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"Coaching for me was a steep learning curve as well as an enjoyable experience. Robert's skills were invaluable and I thank him for instilling confidence, highlighting my values and skills and showing me how to walk the path to future goals with a change of approach and attitude. Coaching was a worthwhile investment and I highly recommend Robert's style of coaching."

Steve J

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"Robert has an extremely understanding approach. He has helped me to focus, analyse my own personality and set realistic objectives for the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and I now have a set of tools and action plans that will help me achieve what is important for the future."

Niamh B

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You Have the Power to Transform Your Future
Google Five Stars for professional life coaching in London.

Create the changes you need to make

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