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Shoes climbing stairs towards redundancy recovery coaching.

Make the most of the opportunity to position yourself for the exact role you want.


Redundancy - in whatever form it comes - can leave you feeling confused, shocked, unsure or fearful about the future. I know that when I faced a redundancy situation it forced me to question aspects of my career that weren’t working, and it turned into a catalyst for big change.

It’s normal for people who have gone through redundancy to take a knock to their confidence, and they’re often in a huge rush to get back into employment as soon as possible. However, accepting the first job offer that comes along isn’t always the best strategy, in fact it can lead to further problems down the line.

It’s amazing how many clients I work with have little idea about how skilled and talented they really are, and HOW DESIRABLE THEY ARE AS AN EMPLOYEE. After all, finding excellent people is one of the most challenging aspects of running any business.

Redundancy Recovery is a time-proven process that effectively transforms your understanding of yourself, your talents and your employability. It also helps you get super clear on exactly what you’re looking for, so you can clearly define your requirements to a potential employer.


To bring this to life, try this thought-experiment:

1. “Please give me a job.”
You're desperate for a job, you're needy and you'll take any job offered. Put yourself in this mindset and notice how you feel. What’s your energy level like? What’s your body language be like? Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes, how would you come across to them?”

2. “Let’s have a conversation about your needs and my needs to explore whether we're a good fit.”
Now imagine you’re super clear on your talents, your personal narrative, your non-negoitables and exactly the kind of role you’re looking for. Notice how you feel now. What would your energy level and body language be like? How would you come across to an interviewer?

If you're between jobs and want to make the most of the opportunity, I can help you think rationally about your situation, get clear on your superpowers (what makes you amazing!), create an authentic, honest and positive personal narrative, and define exactly what you’re looking for in your next role.

I specialise in helping clients create change in these areas of their life:

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