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Smartphones Are The New Cigarettes

Smartphones are The New Cigarettes is a great article on Thrive about how addicted we’re all becoming to smartphones, developing a constant need for information and attention stimulation.

I’ll hold my hand up, smartphone addiction is something I struggle with. Although I could get through a class at the gym without checking my iPhone, I’ve noticed how I look forward to getting off the Underground in London so that I can be “reconnected” with the world. (Where ‘world’ really means internet!)

 In fact as I was writing this blog, I’ve just been distracted by an incoming text that caused me to lose my train of thought!

I love the idea of ‘attention pollution’ which I can really relate to, especially the idea that attention pollution spreads, so another person’s lack of attention can so easily interrupt your attention.

I also agree with the writer’s dream about a future where we come to respect attention once again and limit the use of distraction-creators in situations where distraction is unwelcome.

Attention pollution is something still working on. Solutions I’ve found that work for me are:

  • Installing internet blocking software (I use SelfControl on Mac) to block distracting sites

  • Switching off all notifications on my laptop and my iPhone

  • Using Steven Covey’s Time Management Matrix which helps me recognise when I’m distracted into non-urgent and non-important distractions


This article first appeared on The Huffington Post.

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