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Eye Opening and Insightful Journey

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Meg recently completed the Authentic Life programme which she took because she felt frustrated by her role in fashion, and had no clue what to do next in her career.

We started by helping her to understand her personality, what makes her tick, her passions and her strengths, then align these to future options and possibilities. Through increasing her self-awareness with tailored coaching and personal development coaching Meg decided to go back into education to study for a Masters. This decision was made with clarity and confidence that she was making the right decisions for the right reasons.

Here's Meg's feedback on her experience of the coaching programme:

What's Successfully Changed for You?

I learnt a lot about my personality which has made me look at myself in a different and better light. Looking at my strengths and values has helped me to know what is (and isn't) a good next step for me.

What Might Need More Work? I need to continue to work on taking right action because this does not come naturally to me and only by doing it will I break habits.

What Is The Return On Your Coaching Investment?

I learnt a lot and I have also gained confidence to make proactive decisions - I applied for an MSc in Spatial Planning last week, just waiting to hear back from the uni!!

Why Did You Decide To Do The Coaching?

I decided to do Authentic Life coaching because I didn't know what I wanted my next steps in life to be. I knew I wanted to do something different and meaningful (particularly in my career) but was feeling frustrated that I couldn't find the answers. That's when I contacted the Robert.

The work Robert and I did over the first few coaching sessions gave me a real insight into myself. Through the different methods that Robert uses, I got a clear picture of my personality, how I view myself and how others view me. For me, this was the solid foundation that I needed for us to then look at what I wanted from life. I now know what I value and who I am, which will inform all decisions going forwards. All of this knowledge I have gained about myself has empowered me with the confidence to make proactive decisions.

Thank you so much, Robert. I am so pleased I decided to do coaching with you, such an invaluable experience.

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