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Create What You Want By Understanding Your Authentic Self

Like many of my clients, I recognise the fear and doubt that can accompany success and made a conscious decision to create a more meaningful path for myself.

I've helped many of my clients live their best authentic life and can do the same for you.

Robert Hutchinson BSc, PCC, FRSA

Fully Certified Professional Coach


In my twenties I was a Network Director in charge of the transmission output of BBC TV channels.


I never got over the novelty of pressing the button to play EastEnders to the whole country.


Fast-forward twenty years and I  became a corporate Director of Media

Planning at the Discovery Channel where I was experiencing the best and the worst of working life in a global US corporation. 

My intuition told me that this way of living and working was not right for me. I felt like a square peg in a round hole and I didn’t need my intuition

to tell me that I was bored and tolerating life.

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Outwardly successful, and seemingly living the high life with all the trappings of success, I realised that my relationship with myself had taken a backseat to ambition and distractions.


Looking back I can see that I was living on auto-pilot, in fact I’d say I spent about 15 years asleep to myself.


At the time, I didn’t like the look of the default future I was heading towards. I realised that it was time to invest my time, energy and resources into creating a life that worked for me. 


After a summer sabbatical looking after a friend’s dogs in Rome I decided to train as a coach because I had a long-standing interest in personal and professional development.


Building a coaching practice involved quitting my successful,

well-paid corporate job and taking risks. It required me to make sacrifices, learn by trial and error, experiment and adapt. I had to live through an extended period of uncertainty and insecurity, but

I made a conscious decision to do it anyway.


I discovered that my positive mindset fits well with coaching, and that without realising it I always had a natural coaching style of leadership.


I love the good things in life especially music and international travel although I'm most likely to connect with my true self eating 'Slow Food' with close friends and family over a long afternoon lunch at an organic ristorante agriturismo in Italy.

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I studied Physics and Music at University.

I competed in the Penge Latin Formation Dancing team, we were UK champions and we appeared many TV shows at the time.

I have been a UK juror for the Eurovision Song Contest.

I have many sides … the fun philosopher, the nerdy scientist and the creative artist

Even though I’m sociable and outgoing I can experience crippling social anxiety, it’s often present but I am mastering being with it rather than fighting against it.

My dog Ivor stars in TV commercials.

I stopped eating meat three years ago.


I have an uncanny knack of random celebrity encounters.


I unexpectedly ended up having lunch with Peter Gabriel on Christmas Day, Dolly Parton sang a solo to me, I broke up a blazing row between the Bee Gees and I met

Stephen Hawking.

BBC logo links to my authentic life working in media and broadcast TV before becoming a gay life coach to people in the LGBT+ community.
Channel 4 TV logo links to my authentic life working in the creative industries before becoming a gay life coach and co-founder of the Gay Happiness Project.
Discovery TV logo links to my broadcast TV career before I specialised in coaching media companies, creative organisations and as a gay life coach.
A+E Networks logo connects to a career in television with my current career as a professional gay life coach.
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Let's talk about the change you want to create.


We can make time to talk confidentially about what kind of support you need.

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