How well do you know yourself?

It’s a question that most people struggle to answer! Yet, the most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Developing self-awareness and self-management skills can be the key to creating a world that works better in the future for you.

Ask yourself, what needs to shift within me? Who is waiting to emerge? If you invested time and effort into knowing yourself and bringing more of yourself into the world around you, what could you create and who could you become?

Gaining a better understanding of yourself does take an investment of time, effort and a helping hand. That’s where I come in! As your coach, I listen to you, question you, challenge you and encourage you to know yourself and be yourself as the first step towards creating the changes you truly want in life or leadership.

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The goal of coaching for me was to align with my true self. Robert was incredibly professional and helpful on my journey of self-discovery. It was important for me that he previously had a career in the ‘real world’ and that he had benefited from coaching himself. Although I was already quite self-aware, through the coaching I now understand myself even deeper, I’m happier and I have more clarity on what I do and don’t want in my life.
Anna MeylakhProduct Strategy Manager (London, UK)