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Laser Coaching

Give your employees the benefit of flexible access to coaching support


In these unprecedented times it's more important than ever to do all you can to support your employees' emotional and mental wellbeing, in fact employers have a duty of care to do so. 

Individual coaching is a highly effective way to support employees through periods of transition, however it is simply not feasible to provide individual executive coaching for every person in your organisation. 

Laser coaching is a practical and cost-effective solution which gives employees across your organisation access to focused coaching support when they need it. 

How It Works: A block of laser coaching sessions is offered to all employees who can book a 1-off coaching session on a first come first served basis. The coaching can cover anything that would support the employee, including work, personal or wellbeing related matters.

Benefits of Laser Coaching

  • Improves emotional and mental wellbeing

  • Practical sessions boost productivity

  • Solutions focused coaching generates clarity

  • Help employees navigate the current period of uncertainty

  • Adaptable and flexible business solution

  • Access to a confidential sounding board

  • Constructive feedback from an impartial observer

  • Equip employees to navigate the new reality

  • Popular employee benefit; employees feel valued and cared for

Person using smart phone to book a free consultation to talk about the benefits of laser coaching.

Let's talk about how you could bring the benefits of laser coaching to your organisation.

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