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Integrated Mindfulness Online

What is mindfulness?

How does mindfulness reduce the effect of negative thinking?

What can I learn by paying attention to my senses and emotions?

How can I benefit from increased awareness of judgements I make? 

The Integrated Mindfulness training programme is a science- and practice-based method of enhancing your personal and professional experience. 

Developing the ability to sustain attention on the present moment is teachable, achievable and can be immensely beneficial.

As perceptions of mental responses to external and internal stimuli become more accurate, this enhances effective action in the world, and leads to a greater sense of control. 

"When you step into the now, you step out of the content of your mind. You begin to realise how much vaster and deeper you are than your thoughts."

~ Eckhart Tolle

deeper thatn your thoughts
integrated midfullness

The 8 Sessions:

Week 1 - Attention and the Now

Week 2 - Automaticity

Week 3 - Judgement

Week 4 - Acceptance

Week 5 - Goals

Week 6 - Compassion

Week 7 - The Ego

Week 8 - Integration

What's Included:

  • 8 x 2-hour live, facilitated online webinars

  • Comprehensive Integrated Mindfulness participant manual

  • Guided mediations in mp3 format to support daily practice

  • Video playlist – for embedding insights and additional learning

  • Regular, between session support and communication to inspire participants, motivate them to practice, and embed new behaviours

  • Additional resources pack - includes a variety of exercises that can be used as an addition or alternative to the exercises in the programme

  • Certificate of completion

Course Information

For information about the next public course, or mindfulness solutions for your business...

Your Trainers

Christopher Samsa

Chris first engaged with meditation over 30 years ago and has been actively using mindfulness with clients and in workshops for over a decade. He is a graduate of the MBSR and MBSC mindfulness training programmes.

As a positive psychologist working in the field of applied neuroscience Chris is fascinated by the impact of mindfulness on the brain and spoke at the world’s first Mindfulness at Work Conference at Oxford University in 2012.

Having had personal experience of  the power of mindfulness while studying for his MSc, Chris is an energetic advocate of the power of mindfulness to transform individuals’ emotional health.

Robert Hutchinson

Robert is a mindfulness trainer and transformational coach who specialises in self-awareness. He has been practicing mindfulness since 2014. 

Robert has a passionate interest in Eastern philosophies and ancient wisdom traditions which he incorporates into his mindfulness practice.

Robert has trained with the British Mindfulness Institute, the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and has completed the Mindful Self-Compassion course. He is also a member of the Mindfulness Association.

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