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I am committed to creating a world that works better,
one person at a time.

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Hello, I’m Robert Hutchinson and my dream is to see human beings fall in love with life again. Why? Because I believe this is the key to creating a world that works better in the future.

I support inspiring and interesting leaders who want to invest in themselves as the first step towards creating change in their world and the world around them.

In many ways I’m not very different from the clients I work with. I recognise the fear and doubt that can accompany success. I recognise the loneliness in being an unconventional leader. I recognise the dull feeling of following a path simply because you found yourself on it. The difference is that I made a conscious decision to create a more meaningful path, which included:

A  decision to face fears and setbacks
A decision to play by my own rules
A decision to take charge of my life

This positive mindset fits well in coaching conversations that with clients. I get to the crux of people’s issues, I’m curious, caring and empathetic which opens clients up in a way that generates clarity and choice. I have an integrated scientific and creative approach, combining both neuroscience and positive psychology and applying it in accessible ways. I provide powerful interventions such as the Enneagram map of the human psyche and mindfulness which can transform my clients’ relationships with themselves.

Think about the change you want to create in your life, your business or the wider world. Any change begins with a conversation. I’ll be delighted to start a conversation about the change you want to create and to explore how I could support you.



Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching – University of Chester
Results Brain-Based Coaching Accreditation – The Neuroleadership Institute
Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness Accreditation – British Mindfulness Institute
iEQ9 Integrated Enneagram Practitioner – Integrative9 Enneagram Solutions
BSc (Hons) in Physics and Music – Cardiff University


My work brings me into contact with people with many different identities and I especially enjoy working with a diverse range of people. Although I don’t specialise in coaching the LGBT community, as a gay man and Co-Founder of The Gay Happiness Project I have personal experience of gay life and identity which some clients find helpful.

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