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The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Your Future Self

How well do you understand yourself? It’s a question most people struggle to answer! And yet, wisdom teachings tell us that the most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself. 

Developing self-awareness is the key to unlocking a future that works for you. Gaining a better understanding of yourself takes an investment of time, effort and a helping hand.  

That’s where I come in. As your coach, I will listen, question, challenge and encourage you to be your authentic self as the first step towards transforming your life and business.


Despite being outwardly successful you may feel uncharacteristically frustrated, confused or unsure about navigating a period of change. You may know that change needs to happen but you may be unclear about how to create change, or you may lack the confidence to act.

You Desire Change

You have a project in mind, you want to create something new or you want to transform your life or business.


You want to create a positive impact or you may be thinking about your legacy. As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – you might relate to this.

You're Ready

You have strong motivation and the time is right to invest in your future self.


To create an authentic life, you realise that first you need to lead yourself, and you recognise the benefit of working with an experienced and impartial guide.

You're a Leader

You’re a business owner, corporate leader or professional who aspires to be innovative, creative and visionary. Or you may feel called to leadership in the life of your community.


You recognise that by living an authentic life, you free yourself and inspire others to do the same.

You Care

You believe there are better ways to treat ourselves, to treat each other, to treat the environment, and to run a business.

Through a sustainable heart-based business you want to make a contribution – big or small – to a better life on planet Earth.

“It's Robert's own true authenticity that has really helped and encouraged me to search for my own. It's been life-changing."

Bert Overlack

Client headshot and testimonial verifies that focusing on an authentic future self is life-changing.

Passion-based Leadership


I coach passion-based leaders who want to make their world a better place. The people who put people and planet before profit, and who have an inspiring vision of how the world should be. 

Person using smart phone to book a free consultation with a certified professional life coach to talk confidentially about the most authentic future self.

We can talk confidentially about your future self.

In person in London or online using Zoom.

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