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Enneagram Personality Coaching

Discover the unique way you see the world and how the world sees you with Integrative Enneagram personality coaching.


Human beings are complex and every person is unique. However, research shows that there are common ways people see, experience and interact with the world around them.

By delving deep into your motivation, focus of attention, core fear and blind spots, the Enneagram facilitates greater self-awareness. This opens practical pathways to self-discovery and greater personal effectiveness.

Working with the Enneagram provides detailed information and powerful insights which broaden your perspective and repertoire of behaviours.

Enneagram Personality Assessment and Consultation

Understand your authentic self

The Enneagram is a powerful framework which acts as a master-key to unlock self awareness.

A detailed online assessment will identify your 'home base' on the Enneagram and measure your self-awareness. Then you will benefit from:

  • Your Integrative Enneagram report: an in-depth 'instruction manual' on how to be you with more skill

  • Personal debrief and Enneagram coaching to fast-track your self-understanding

  • Understand your motivation, worldview and focus of attention

  • Learn about your gifts and strengths

  • Uncover your core fear and blind spots

  • Strengthen interpersonal communication and understand common issues in relationships

  • Balance all three centres of intelligence; action, feeling and thinking

  • Development exercises with practical pathways to personal and professional growth

"Working with the Integrative Enneagram is like standing in front of a billboard-sized mirror that accurately reflects the heart and truth behind our motivations. Scary? Yes, but profound, life-changing and powerful."


Bonita Nuttall, TV Host


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Integrative Enneagram is a globally recognised world-leader in Enneagram assessment and training, based on powerful Integrative Intelligent Questionnaire technology. Behind the scenes, this leading-edge application delivers results that are scientifically validated, accurate, and significantly meaningful.