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How To Be Happy: Founder Of The Authentic Life Company Shares His Secrets

Most of us want the same thing in life - to be happy. But sometimes, when you're working long hours, understanding what your dream even is can seem impossible.

But one organisation is trying to make happiness a little bit easier to comprehend, then achieve.

The Authentic Life Company provides life coaching, helping people to identify what will make them truly happy before suggesting the steps they can take in order to move towards their goal.

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, founder of the company Robert Hutchinson said: "I think the idea of not understanding who we are is quite a universal problem.

"A lot of people could really help themselves by taking time out to look at how they work and what’s important to them."


The Authentic Life Company was formed after Robert underwent a process of re-evaluating his own happiness and wellbeing.

After years of working in television for major stations like the BBC, Channel 4 and The Discovery Channel, Robert began to feel dissatisfied with his job.

"I was director of media planning, looking at the strategy of on-air communications," he explains.

"Working hours were a good eight or nine hours per day plus I had a one hour commute to work, so I didn't have a lot of time for myself."

As Robert approached his forties, he began to find the job "unfulfilling" and knew it was time for a change.

"I wanted to work for myself and I was looking at the next 10 and 20 years and considering how I wanted my life to be structured. I wanted to focus on something I was really interested in and passionate about," he says.

Robert believes it wasn't just his mind telling him it was time to leave the entertainment industry, but his body too.

"Sometimes I’d be sitting at my desk and it would feel like I was suffocating or drowning. I just really felt very visceral need to get out of there," he says.


After taking three months off to re-connect with himself, Robert founded The Authentic Life Company to help others make the transition into happiness.

"I had been coached previously myself and had a great experience, so I knew how powerful it could be," he says.

According to Robert, most of our problems stem from us not understanding who we are or what we really want.

"People just don’t time to take stock of who they really are, to consider changes in their personality and their circumstances.

"As you get into your 30s, 40s, even 50s, life has changed a lot, but you don’t really get chance to step back and think about what your life currently is and what you actually want it to be like," he says.

This idea of not being "real" or "genuine" with ourselves is what inspired the name of The Authentic Life Company.

Robert tries to help people re-discover a more "authentic" way of living by stripping things back to their true desires.


"I start by really bringing everything into the client's consciousness, getting them to think about how they tick and what's important to them.

"Once they've got a clear picture of themselves and how they want things to be, suddenly a lot of the confusion that clients come to me with goes away," he says.

Robert works with clients to create a plan that enables a "managed transition" into a new life. This limits the risk of a client reaching breaking point and losing their job (perhaps due to stress) before they are able to financially cope.

So what advice does Robert give for anyone feeling dissatisfied with their life?

"Firstly, listen to that voice in your head – if the voice is saying change, then take it very seriously and start to make plans towards the change as soon as you possibly can.

"The second step is to notice when you are being genuine – if we’re specifically talking about work, notice those times that feel right and feel good and notice those times that feel bad, awkward and inauthentic. When I used to network it would feel awkward and staged – it wouldn’t feel real.

"Then, talk abut how you feel with friends, family and colleagues and get some professional advice yourself," he suggests.

Robert is certainly a man who practices what he preaches - since leaving the world of television, Robert says he feels more "like himself" than he has in years.

"It’s a different league of happiness to what I was feeling before. I don’t have that feeling on a Sunday evening of dread and not looking forward to the week coming up," he says.

"I’m now defining success beyond power and money and status – what’s now important to me is working in a field that I’m passionate about.

"I go on holiday but I don’t feel that need to – I go on the holiday, enjoy the holiday but also look forward to coming back and continuing the work I love."

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Stepping through my invisible door.

After a couple of rocky years in which real life happened in the form of our home being wrecked by a water leak, my partner being out of work and a bereavement, all at the same time as establishing my business, I was pleased to turn the corner at the start of this year which I began with a feeling of renewal, optimism and energy. 

An Authentic Life Without Fear

The moment I knew I really was on the right course towards creating a more authentic life was a Sunday evening last year at a small and intimate Frankie Knuckles gig. (Sadly it turned out to be his very last performance in London.) It wasn’t the fact that the iconic father of house music was spinning the decks a few feet away from me or that as far as I’m concerned dance music doesn’t get any better than his infectious dirty-disco mixes, what I noticed was an absence and that was an absence of fear.

I’d never actually thought about being fearful before that moment. It’s not as if I’d been living in a high state of terror, in fact what I noticed was an absence of low-level background fear.

Before setting up my coaching practice I had a successful career in broadcast television. Despite being in a ‘safe’ corporate job I felt increasingly unfulfilled inside; I wasn’t being authentic in my role and I wasn’t being true to myself. My fear wasn’t around whether the job would end (I knew it would) but rather: when and how would it end, what would come next, what could I do that would be more fulfilling, and how would I support myself without my corporate income? It was a dull, deep-seated fear that never went away; it was a fear based on the ‘not-knowing’, it was the fear of change. In that moment at the Frankie Knuckles gig I realised that a low-level fear I’d been subconsciously living with for a number of years had disappeared.

It’s easier to describe the presence of something than the absence of something but the feeling I had really was an absence; I noticed fear wasn’t there. I listened for it, I tried to feel it, I waited for a fleeting thought to come and it simply didn’t appear. It was the first time in years I was able to enjoy the moment without those nagging doubts in my head.

I realised that I’d travelled a long way on the journey I had embarked upon over a year before when I left a job that was no longer working for me. What I had found in coaching and founding The Authentic Life Company was a vocation, a passion and a purpose in life. Although I still have many challenges to overcome and of course some fear around being self-employed, that background hum, that background ‘what next?’ fear has gone.

I’ll be sharing more about my journey as well as insights into being real at work and in life on this blog. In the meantime, wherever you are in your life or business here are six ways you can begin to create an authentic life you love (without fear!)

  • Notice when you are and are not being authentic

  • Think about letting go of what isn’t serving you any more

  • Instead of depleting energy in a situation that no longer serves you, think about creating a balanced life that you love

  • Seek advice from friends, family, trusted colleagues or a qualified professional

  • Align what you do with who you are

  • Listen to your inner voice, if it’s telling you to change listen carefully

Which of these steps resonates with you the most? I’d love to hear from you, comment below and let’s chat!

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Don’t Wait For New Year, Start Now!

You’ve probably been there, it’s New Year’s Day and you’re suddenly faced with a brand new year so you make some half-hearted New Year’s resolutions and then go back to nursing your hangover. The problem is those half-hearted New Year’s resolutions probably relate to something really important in your life. As a professional coach you might be surprised to hear this but come January 1st I’ll be boycotting New Year’s resolutions for myself and my clients and that’s because I know that making a real commitment to change requires determination and hard work.

There’s a trite futility to making it through the orgy of consumerism and over-indulgence that is December and THEN deciding to commit to improve your health, make that important life change you haven’t quite got round to making yet or just to start being nice to people. It’s ridiculous! The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that no-one really takes them seriously. When did you last hear someone say something like, “I started my successful business as a result of a New Year’s resolution?” or “Who knew my resolution to learn something new would lead to my PhD in astrophysics!” Life changes simply do not happen this way. Serious resolutions or goals usually require some change in unhelpful behaviour; this takes a load of effort and it’s best done with help from a professional who can identify unhelpful thought patterns and keep you accountable to new behaviours over a period of time.

According to a study carried out at Southampton University only 8% of people in the UK who make a resolution achieve them. That means a whopping 92% fail and of that 92% when asked about their resolution in November of the same year, 31% can’t even remember what their resolution was! New Year’s resolutions fail because however well intentioned they are often just wishful thinking.
At this time of year we’re putting off thinking about changes until the new year, but making big life changes is too important to leave to the frivolity of New Years resolutions. Most of the people who resolve to lose weight or get that six pack at the start of the new year are consciously procrastinating before they even start, which is hardly a precursor to massive success.

If you can identify a problem, why wait to fix it? If your toilet is blocked, your natural reaction is unlikely to be “I need to find a plunger to unblock it. There’s no point looking for a plunger now, tomorrow is the next daily milestone so I’ll start tomorrow.” No, you fix the problem immediately.

Breaking habits involves retraining the brain, and this takes a great deal of effort and determination. Big changes take time, patience and commitment. Relying on a calendar change to give you a boost of commitment and determination is not the smartest strategy. If you’re serious about change you need to find the drive to change deep within yourself. Your problems are yours and yours alone, as are your dreams and the motivation to change yourself. Don’t wait to take action, you’re way too valuable to delay making a commitment to your well-being and success at a later date. As Gandhi wisely advised, “The future depends on what you do today.”

Take your future self seriously and ask “what can I start doing differently right now?” A new year provides new opportunities, sure, but so does a new day. Start today. Start now.

(Look out for my blog in December in which I’ll share what I WILL encourage you to do at the beginning of the year to make the big change you really want in 2015.)

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