Robert helped me focus, regroup and learn about who I really am. He has changed my life for the better and has introduced me to an incredibly positive outlook on life while also helping me to understand that vulnerability is a strength not a weakness. I live a better life having coaching and mindfulness in my life.
Roz H(London, UK)
Robert helped me identify the issues I needed to address and then introduced new ways of thinking about them. He has helped me to focus, analyse my own personality and set realistic objectives for the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and I now have a set of tools and action plans that will help me achieve what is important for the future.
Dee Burns(London, UK)
Just a quick reflection on our session while everything is still fresh. I love our sessions, the fact that I laughed and cried in one session is amazing. The coaching has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life. Now its up to me to push myself outside the sessions. Thank you.
Nikola D(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Robert helped me move forward after a difficult time in my life. But it was more than that. He helped me bring positivity to my life and plan the necessary changes to my career. I had never tried coaching and didn’t know what to expect. Robert clearly tailors his approach to his clients’ way of thinking, making it really efficient. He has a great personality and it’s a pleasure to work with him.- Pierre B (Paris, France)
I came to Robert with a drive and motivation to make changes in my career and life that would help me to live more authentically. Robert not only helped me have a much deeper understanding of these elements and gain much more mental clarity, but propelled me to dare to achieve things that I did not think were possible in 3 months. The work changed my life and allowed me to really feel comfortable in my own skin.- Laura Thompson (London, UK)
Robert, I was very impressed with your adaptability yesterday. It clearly proves you don't have a 'one size fits all' format that you slap on every client. Your flexibility, ability to listen and react to sudden changes in what's going on with my life shows that you don't try to fit all of your clients into the same trajectory or outline. That says a lot about you. Thanks.- Connie W (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)
I was encouraged to try coaching by two successful and driven friends who were strong advocates. I had only the idea that I want to be successful and grow my personal training business. Through Robert’s coaching I came to realise what success really means for me and I've made big steps and changes I would not have even started to think about without Robert's help.- Peter Pazdro (London, UK)
Coaching for me was a steep learning curve as well as an enjoyable experience. Robert's skills were invaluable and I thank him for instilling confidence, highlighting my values and skills and showing me how to walk the path to future goals with a change of approach and attitude. Coaching was a worthwhile investment and I highly recommend Robert's style of coaching.- Steve J (London, UK)
I can't recommend Robert highly enough. I struggled with which decisions to make for the best for my career. He helped me to focus on what I really wanted and helped me find solutions on how to achieve it. Now I am much clearer with myself and my company about career direction and I am on the right path to achieving it. My excellent end of year review noted that my visibility had significantly increased within the company. Robert is always approachable with questions or concerns, even outside of our sessions. I feel much more confident in myself and my future career - I have seen a noticeable change in myself since having the coaching.- Lottie McNamara (Oslo, Norway)