Robert, you have given me the gift of life back by helping me to remember who I am.
— Darragh Mulrooney
It is Robert’s own true authenticity that has really helped and encouraged me to search for and find my own. It’s been life-changing.
— Bert Overlack
Robert’s outstanding coaching has transformed
my life.
— Joel Cooper
I just came to think about the work we did together. Still today a year later it has a great effect on me. I want to let you know how much it improved my quality of life.
— Armando Wallentin

Darragh Mulrooney

“Robert, you have given me the gift of life back by helping me to remember who I was, and what I wanted to achieve and work towards by making my passion for photography my life. This now brings me joy on a daily basis. Where I am right now, not doing what I am doing is unimaginable. I cant thank you enough!”

Joel Cooper

“Robert's outstanding coaching has transformed my life. Specifically, I have learned to slow down to create space and I have developed greater self-compassion which has enabled me to truly listen to my autistic son, to empathise with him and simply to enjoy being with him.”

Anna Meylakh

“The goal of coaching for me was to align with my true self. Robert was incredibly professional and helpful on my journey of self-discovery. It was important for me that he previously had a career in the 'real world' and that he had benefited from coaching himself. Through Robert’s coaching I now understand myself even deeper, I’m happier and I have more clarity on what I do and don't want in my life.”

Laura Thompson

“Robert not only helped me develop a much deeper understanding of myself and gain much more mental clarity, but propelled me to dare to achieve things that I did not think were possible. The work changed my life and allowed me to really feel comfortable in my own skin.”