About You

You feel the time is right to invest in your future.
Whether the motivation is personal or professional, you recognise that the first step towards creating change in your world is to build a stronger relationship with yourself.


You’re one of the good guys … and gals!

You believe there are better ways to treat ourselves, to treat each other, to run a business and to treat the environment.
You want to make a contribution – big or small – to a better life on planet Earth.

You’re a change-creator

You have a project in mind, you want to create something new or you want to create a big life change.
You’re looking to create impact and you may be thinking about creating a legacy.
As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world ” – you relate to this.

You’re a leader

You’re a CEO, business owner or leader in the media, creative industries, politics or activism.
You may be financially independent, an entrepreneur or you may feel called to leadership in your life or community.
You recognise that by living an authentic life, you free yourself and inspire others to do the same.

You’re ready

You have strong motivation and you’re prepared to invest in your growth and your future starting with developing a stronger relationship with yourself.
To create a better world you realise that you need to lead yourself first and you recognise the benefit of working with and independent and impartial guide.

You live on planet Earth

You could live anywhere! I have powerful online coaching calls with clients all over the world.
I’m based in London and I’ll be happy to travel throughout the UK and internationally.

Gay Life and Identity

My work brings me into contact with people with many different identities and I especially enjoy working with a diverse range of people. Although I don’t specialise in coaching the LGBT community, as a gay man and Co-Founder of The Gay Happiness Project I have direct experience of gay life and identity which some clients find helpful.

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