Working Together

Coaching is a creative process. It is a collaboration between us both.
Each coaching programme is custom designed based on your specific needs.

All programmes include

Account on the private clients’ portal

Email and phone support between sessions

Worksheets, information and supporting materials

Initial Consultation

During this 90 minute initial consultation we discuss what you would like to create through coaching. It includes 60 minutes of coaching to give you a live experience of what it would be like to work with me. At the end of the consultation if it feels right for both of us we may have a conversation about what it would look like for us to work together.

There’s no charge for consultations which can be carried out in-person in London or via online video-link for international clients.

Know Yourself

This structured training and coaching program is designed to help clients become more effective and engaged in their work and life.  Over six sessions we will will explore your non-negotiables, what matters to you most, the change you want to create and how you want your future life to be structured.

If you are questioning your career then you may gain a more positive re-engagement with your current career, a new role elsewhere, a change of career or even the start of a new business.


Authentic Life

You want clarity around what you do and don’t want in your life, and what you want your life experience to be like. The Authentic Life personal consultancy and coaching programme is an investment in your future self to help you know yourself and be yourself as the first step towards creating a life that works better.

Whether you want to create greater success, change career, discover a sense of purpose or make a difference in the world, transformational change takes a significant commitment of time and effort, so for this reason we would typically work together for between four to twelve months.


Authentic Leadership

As a business leader or entrepreneur you have already created success. You’re visionary, creative and inspirational. You also know that all leadership begins with leading yourself which requires ongoing deep personal and professional development work.

You’re looking for a thinking partner and coach who will challenge your thinking, act as an impartial and confidential sounding board, and guide you through unknown personal and professional territory.

Authentic Leadership is a holistic programme combining personal and professional development with executive coaching to support you in creating a business and a life that work better. 


Create a Better World

You will know if this programme is right for you because you want to make a significant investment in yourself as the first step towards investing your time and resources into making the world a better place. You want to create an impact and a legacy. You’re looking for a trusted advisor and coach who will inspire you, guide you, challenge you and kindly tell you what no one else will.

This full access programme includes unlimited personal consulting and transformational coaching, plus full day intensives and inspirational trips to locations anywhere in the world that will stretch and challenge you. You will also receive bespoke reports from the personal and professional development events I attend around the world. This programme is by invitation only and limited to one place per year.

Before committing to this programme we will spend time together getting to know each other and co-creating the plan for this extraordinary and powerful experience.

Price on application. Your investment will be tailored to where you are based in the world and the programme we create together.

Full Day Intensive

If your schedule doesn’t allow for regular meetings or you want a deep Intensive to focus on a specific challenge or objective, then over one or more full-day Intensives I can support you in gaining clarity on the next steps or the direction of travel you wish to take.


Investment in Coaching

Coaches can charge from under £50 per hour to £100,000 or more for a year, so there’s a huge range of cost, quality and experience. The investment you make in coaching will normally reflect several factors: the outcome you want to create, your commitment to change, the quality of coaching and the experience of the coach.

It may be helpful to think about paying for heart surgery privately – would you go for the cheapest option? Likewise working with a great coach is like committing to personal surgery that will require a significant investment of time, effort and money. As a rule of thumb, if you’re serious about creating long-term change you may need to invest at least the equivalent of a holiday. You may also want to reflect on the possible long-term cost and impact of not making changes.

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