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Leadership Coaching

Leading others begins with leading yourself. And leading yourself begins with knowing yourself. That’s why successful leaders commit to continually improving their self-awareness and professional development.

Self-leadership for leaders

Authentic leadership is a style of leadership that is based on an ethical foundation and honest relationships with people whose input and diverse opinions are valued. As an authentic leader you are visionary, creative, inspirational and innovative.

The four pillars of authentic leadership are knowing yourself, being genuine, being fair-minded and doing the right thing. Authentic leaders make wiser decisions and enjoy better relationships creating natural organisational and business growth.

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Together we create greater success for you and your business

I am your professionally trained thinking partner, together we develop your self-knowledge and leadership skills

You will receive honest feedback from me, as an independent observer, disconnected from your business

I am your impartial and confidential sounding board

You will lead authentically from a position of congruence, truth and integrity stimulated by our conversations

To what extent are you doing the ongoing personal and professional development work that’s needed¬†to stay at the top of your leadership game? Authentic Leadership coaching is a highly personalised service to you and is underpinned by sound coaching principles and evidence-based techniques. I use insights from modern science, positive psychology and mindfulness. My clients appreciate my no-nonsense approach, and I prefer kind truth telling to meaningless jargon and corporate-speak.

Development of Executive Coaching

Every top sporting athlete has a coach, and the origins of executive coaching come from the 1970’s world of professional sports.

Trainers of top athletes recognised that to be the best in the world was as much about self-belief and positive mental training as it was about talent, technique or practice.

From the world of sports, the coaching techniques crossed over into the boardrooms of the world’s top companies who realized that similar brain-based executive coaching could improve the performance of their best leaders.

“Everyone needs a coach!”

Former CEOs of Microsoft and Google, Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt strongly endorse coaching…

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I worked with Robert over a period of 6 months, to establish clearer career / life goals, and take action towards them. Thanks to working with Robert, I now have a better grasp of my personality – how I operate and how I relate to other people. This has enabled me to improve my effectiveness in my business, and to reduce confrontation in my personal life. I would recommend Robert’s thoughtful, thorough help to anyone looking to understand themselves better and reach goals.
Martin R(Baden-Baden, Germany)